Our goal is to have an injury-free work place - a goal that requires 100% involvement from each member of our team.

For over 43 years, SSEB has achieved an impeccable safety history. We believe that it is essential to perform work in the safest manner possible, consistent with good construction practices. To fulfill the requirements of this policy, an organized and effective safety and health program is carried out at each location where work is performed.

Accidents are prevented through proper planning, training and a cooperative effort in all areas of operations. To prevent death, injury, occupational illness and hazards to our employees and the public, we have established an ongoing safety and health program that involves the following key elements:


In addition, we ensure that each employee is well trained for the work he or she performs. Company-wide employee training is conducted on a quarterly basis, and employees also receive seasonal training in equipment operation and safety procedures.

Onsite safety meetings are held every Monday morning, SSEB has employed an independent safety consultant to conduct random safety inspections at each jobsite. Further, subcontractors are required to submit a Job Safety Analysis prior to beginning work.

Our safety program is continually updated by our Safety Coordinator to ensure that we meet or exceed our company standards.

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